Cat Soup

        by Luthie M West

Hooray! My first Children’s Picture eBook! Print book on the way. Illustrations done by my Italian buddy, Olsi Tola. I am including an excerpt below.

If you are inclined to write a review, even something very brief, I would appreciate it very much. Please post it to Amazon.

 I have three more books on the way.  Click the picture below to read the excerpt of CAT SOUP! 

Or click the link here:  Cat Soup excerpt

I hope you and your little ones like it. Please spread the word!

You can order the book here.

If you are a children’s picture book author in need of reviews (having less than 10 reviews on Amazon or Good Reads) send me an email here: with a link to your eBook.  I will consider posting a review of your book.  

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