A Personal Note…


To the reticent author-

    In thirty-six years, yes 36, since starting this trip of writing for children and young adults, I have only published one book back in 2012… that is, before now.

Hi, my name is Luthie West, and my story gets worse before it gets better. I have since 2012, unpublished that book so that I can rewrite it. In the meantime, I’ve begun doing children’s picture books starting with Kindle.

Everything has a learning curve and you might think with a record like mine, I’d give it up and do something else. I’d have to say, that’s my point. I did do something else for 36 years! I didn’t take myself or my writing seriously. But I am an author; I am a writer of stories. As many times as I’ve stopped, I’ve restarted.

If you feel you must write, if your story or stories are aching to get out onto the written page, and the heart wants to entertain others with it, wants to add a moment of pleasure to their lives, then you ARE a writer. Once you put it on the page, you ARE an author. Isn’t it time to become a published author? I believe in you! You can do it.

I hope you will join me as I set up my new site here  with excerpts of my children’s books and other content designed to encourage readers of all ages, parents of pre-readers, as well as other authors to thrive in the world of books!


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